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Take a 3-D  virtual tour of Covington's Behringer-Crawford Museum
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Stroll through the interesting galleries and permanent exhibits at Behringer-Crawford Museum without ever leaving home!

BCM’s 3D virtual tour is an immersive, user-controlled site visit that is available 24/7. All you need is a screen and a mouse to visit every room, every floor at your pace. Use the mouse to take an adventure through history. 



Print resources at home to learn something new

Download a Harlan Hubbard Activity Sheet

Download the Legend of the Three Sisters Worksheet

Test your BCM Knowledge with a BCM Crossword Puzzle


View BCM educational videos on history, cultures and more

A Kids'-Eye Journey Through Northern Kentucky's History

Narrated by journalist and TV personality Nick Clooney, with the help of a group of lively teens, this video takes kids (and grown-ups!) on a journey through Northern Kentucky’s history from prehistoric times to the present, introducing them to significant events and prominent Kentuckians along the way.





Kentucky Land Formations: Caves

Be a virtual spelunker! Kids will learn all about Kentucky caves and caverns, stalactites and stalagmites, and even how to make their own cozy caves for reading or napping nooks. Grades PreK-1. 






Kentucky Land Formations: Mountains

This read-along video teaches kids about the mountains of Kentucky and the pikas, mountain goats and other animals that call them home, Learn how to craft a mountain range from construction paper and egg cartons. Grades PreK-1.




American Indian Cultures

Learn about the early American Indians who once inhabited our region, from the Paleolithic people who followed prehistoric mammals cross the Bering Land Bridge from Asia to North America to the Woodland, Archaic and Fort Ancient tribes. Kids can make their own cave paintings and communicate in picture language.






Ice Age Animals that Roamed Northern Kentucky

Wooly mammoth, mastadons, bison, saber-toothed cats – these extinct animals and more once lived in the region we now call home. Learn what they looked like, what they ate and how they adapted as the frigid temperatures of the Ice Age grew warmer. Up to Grade 5. 





Kentucky Kids@BCM: Symbols of Kentucky

Join three-year-old Layla as she learns about symbols that represent our state – the thoroughbred horse, the Northern cardinal and the state flag. PreK. 






Mateo’s Outdoor Adventure

The museum may be temporarily closed, but there’s plenty to explore outdoors! Join eight-year-old Mateo as he leads a tour of the grounds around BCM and bucolic Devou Park. Grades PreK-5. 


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Closed Mondays and national holidays

Behringer-Crawford Museum

1600 Montague Road - Devou Park

Covington, Kentucky, 41011

Phone: (859) 491-4003


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