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  1. The Downtown Bridges discusses the 9 bridges in the area we travel on everyday. These bridges span the Ohio and Licking Rivers and have carried or do carry railroad cars and cars still to this day. These bridges in the area include the Cincinnati Southern Railroad Bridge and the C&O railroad and Clay Wade Bailey Bridge; carry rail cars to and from Ohio. The John Roebling Bridge, Taylor Southgate Bridge, Newport South bank Bridge, and Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, span the Ohio River and connect Ohio and Kentucky. The last of the bridges in the area are the Veterans Memorial Bridge and the Licking Valley Girl Scout Bridge, both of which connect Newport and Covington across the Licking River. 
  2. With rivers comes types of natural disasters, including 1832, the year the river raised 22 inches in 24 hours, and a turn around in 1884 that was the worst drought in decades. The river continued to have its ups and downs throughout the years including a river rise to 71.1 feet in 1884, then a river freezing in 1918, to another big flood in 1938. For years to follow, floodwater was high in 1945, ’48, and ’64, and in 1977 and 1978, the river froze again. Despite the efforts to put the lock and dam system into place, the flood of 1997 had waters reach 60 feet eight times in the stages of the flood. 
  3. The Delta Queen was the majesty of the Ohio River Steamboats. In the case there are many artifacts including keys to staterooms, tickets to board, checks, and pictures of the steamboat when she ran in her glory. The Delta Queen ran as an entertainment steamboat where you could get a room for the night and sail down the river for an evening of entertainment and relaxing on the water.
  4. The Delta Queen was family owned and operated by the Greene Family. The family owned several steamers and licensed the Delta Queen to entertain. Ma Greene took care of passengers and enjoyed the family business, as her son was the captain.
  5. Explosions, Collisions, and Fires, are just the things to make something not work properly. These three tragedies hit the steamboat industry and took several of the operating boats to surrender and go out of commission from river work. The accidents through the years have been devastating the operations of the steamboats on the rivers. Of the most devastating, the 1838 explosion of Moselle, and the 1868 collision of the America and the United States cause blows to the credibility and sensibility of the steamboat crews, Other incidents include the 1892 and 1922 fires aboard the Golden Rule, and the Island Queen, Morning Star, Tacoma, and Chris Greene, causing horrible damage. 
  6. The top of the Wake Robin steamboat in the gallery is the description of the last voyage of the boat on the river and more interactive buttons to really make the steamboat come to life just like it was still on the river. 
  7. Just as the rivers, roads, and railways shaped the region of Northern Kentucky; the runways also put their mark on the regions history. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport came to be after the failed mishaps of local airports. The failed mishaps include events such as foggy weather or floods because of the location. The new airport is located in Boone County and was actually a flattened area due to a glacier slide. The airport is home to several carriers and can transport you to several 100 locations around the country and around the world. In 1977, thanks to deregulation, the “hub” system was created allowing the offers of 100 nonstop destinations both domestic and foreign places. 
  8. The freestanding case is home to artifacts and accessories from the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International airport. These artifacts commemorate the airports life and the development of the region.

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