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Kenton County The Kenton County Historical Society (KCHS)

  • The Kenton County Historical Society was organized in 1977 immediately after the Bicentennial year.
  • Between 1977 and 2007 the KCHS presented over 250 such meetings. It now sponsors an occasional program, tour, its annual election meeting and co-sponsors other lectures and programs.
  • The KCHS soon published a catalogue of local and private cemeteries with names copied from tombstones.
  • In 1980 From Gentlemen Farmers was published. Author Joe Gastright, documented an outline of the early development of Northern Kentucky’s infrastructure while detailing the story of Wallace Woods neighborhood and its people.
  • In 1984 at a regional conference called “Rivers, Roads and Rails” Joe Gastright presented a paper on the Kentucky Central Railroad and fellow member Paul Tenkotte on the Cincinnati Southern Railroad.
  • For Kenton County’s Sesquicentennial the KCHS failed to publish a history of the county but printed its “Collected Papers.” The KCHS also began monthly newsletters with original local history articles.
  • The KCHS printed an edited version of a manuscript on the Newport Barracks. In recent years historian Bob Webster wrote, and the KCHS had printed, one book on Northern Kentucky Fires and another on neighborhood theaters.
  • A decade or more after the KCHS, Campbell and Boone County organized historical societies. Since 1994 the Kenton, Campbell and Boone County historical societies and many others have participated in the annual Northern Kentucky Regional History Day.
  • In 1993 the KCHS began publishing Northern Kentucky Heritage a regional magazine of local history and genealogy edited by Karl Lietzenmayer. Published twice yearly NKH has been tremendously successful--a vehicle for new, obscure and reworked stories of the region always documented and supplemented with photos.
  • The KCHS now has office and archival space at Behringer Crawford Museum.
  • KCHS web pages from the Kenton County Public Library website include article indexes and lists of publications. Scanned copies of all newsletters are seen there. The expanded KCHS newsletter (“Bulletin”) is now issued every other month.

To contact the Kenton County Historical Society by phone, please call 859.491.4003 and leave a message.

Kenton County Historical Society