The Top 10 Things to See and Do at the Museum:


The “Kentucky” is a real piece of history for our area as it was once an actual running streetcar for Northern Kentucky. Now retired, “Kentucky” is proudly displayed with the eras it served. Each person aboard the streetcar has a story to tell. With a push of a button they come to life explaining their daily activities aboard the streetcar. Whether you were going downtown to play with friends, going to the race or just going shopping with friends, streetcars were used for everyday activities and much more.


The train display in the front lobby which was dedicated to the museum, is a depiction of one man’s childhood image on a small interactive scale. The display comes alive with buttons that activate movement and sound to make you feel like you are right there in the action. Crawl  through a space tunnel putting you at eye level with the streetcars and trains. It is truly a magical experience.

Check out a video of this display here.


Sit in the front seat of a car at a drive-in movie at the time when rapid development and urbanization had not yet began to take over the area. Behringer-Crawford Museum presents the Change of Times in the Northern Kentucky area in the seats of an old convertible top car.


This isn’t Hollywood, but we still have talent! Northern Kentucky was once home to several actors, actresses, artists and singers who made their mark in American history. Come discover the people you watch on television, hear on the radio, remember from movies and some you may not have even known came from this area. The Art of Northern Kentucky samples art through the years, showing cultural influences and illuminating the “stars” of the times! The exhibit also includes Fun Facts, such as, "Did you know our area was once in a battle with Nashville to be the Country Music Capitol?"


‘A Strategic Advantage’ plays a crucial part in any war. Come discover the turmoil the area faced with the onset of war. Journey through pictures and artifacts telling the story of the advantages we made for the area to stay fortified in times of need. This exhibit brings to life the role the area played in war and the slave trade, serving as a stopping point for the underground railroad and helping slaves to freedom!


Ever wonder what it is like to see the world from a boat? Harlan Hubbard was a local artist who hopped on a boat with his wife and traveled, painting the whole way. Come see his collection of paintings throughout the museum, showing his story of travel and coming to know the area through art. He truly was a one-of-a-kind artist!


Through roads, railways and rivers, Northern Kentucky was settled, and began to prosper, bringing an era of steamboats. Steamboats were used as modes of transportation, luxury cruises, and ferry boats. Climb aboard the replica of our very own WAKE ROBIN and discover the sights and sounds of river travel with interactive buttons, dress up like the captain and learn the positions of the boats handymen.


‘Downtown Bridges’ highlights the areas bridges, some which were used as models for other bridges, such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Travel through the times as you walk across our own indoor bridge! Explore the events prompting the need for bridges and experience the stories of success and innovation in designing these prestigious structures!


Patriotism is an amazing thing with a lot of effort! Check out the tribute to the soldiers and discover the hardships people faced with rations, while the world was at war! The propaganda and the red, white, and blue pride reached many. See the way Northern Kentuckians changed they way they lived when war struck and how they recovered from the matter.


Have you ever wanted to dig for artifacts? Find bones? Discover dinosaurs? Behringer-Crawford Museum has something for you! ‘Digging for Answers’ allows you to get down and dirty as you sift through sand and dig for artifacts like a real archeologist! Learn all there is to know about exploring the sands in this interactive exhibit.


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